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Sam’s Carpet Steam Cleaners offers a wide variety of cleaning services for your home and business. Our aim is to give you best service possible at the best competitive costs. By having your area professionally cleaned, you extend the life of your carpet and floors as well as help protect the health of those living in those areas.

Thoroughly clean

By using our professional cleaning service, the deeply penetrated dirt and grime will be removed, leaving a clean and hygienic area for you to enjoy. Below is a list of many of the services we provide. Please give us a call if you have any questions about the services we provide, we would love to talk with you and accommodate any of your needs.

Our services

Partly clean carpet showing the contrast of before and after

Carpet cleaning

For all domestic, commercial, and industrial locations. Our machines use steam to penetrate to the dirt and provide a deep clean to remove stains and odours. All products used are child, pet and environment friendly. 
Man in flooded home

Emergency water extractions

Emergencies can happen anytime and when you have a leaky pipes, storm damage, or overflow from your dishwasher. If left wet and damp it can ruin your carpet and mould also has the potential to grow. In these situations, we can come and perform water extractions from the affected areas so that damage is reduced and mould prevented.
image of a house with a sold sign in front of it

Real estate cleanings

If it’s just time for a clean or if you are moving out of your home, we can come by and clean your carpet like new. It is a great to use us to get your home ready for sale. Use our services for when you are vacating properties or for end-of-lease cleanings.
steam cleaning carpet

Commercial and industrial services

If you own or manage stores, shopping centres, offices, or factories we can come to your location and professionally clean the carpets and floors. We are also equipped to handle and clean unique chemical messes and dirt around the locations. Call and ask for more detail about this service.
Upholstery cleaning equipment

Upholstery cleaning

We don’t just do carpets, we can also deep clean upholstery for you as well. From furniture, cars, trucks, buses, and even boats. Our specialized equipment will allow us to clean your upholstery just as well as your carpet. 
Partly clean mattress showing the contrast of before and after

Other services

We also provide a mattress cleaning service and leather maintenance service in addition to our carpet cleaning. Dust can accumulate over the years of use deep into your mattress and you won’t be able to get it out unless a deep clean is performed on it.   We can help maintain your leather so that it does not crack and still remains pristine. 

I had a pending house inspection and I have dogs inside. I called Denise and booked them after a few different quotes (they were the best price) and I’m so glad I picked them anyway. They were on time and extremely friendly, nothing was too hard they helped me move the furniture. The carpets smelled and look like new after the cleaning. The inspection went well and the real-estate agent even asked for her card LOL. Big thanks guys! I will totally be booking with them from now on!

– Jodie B.

Get professionally cleaned carpets today

Our expert technicians are ready to get started on your cleaning project. Give us a call, you will love how your floors look and feel. 


Which is the best method to clean my carpets?


Steam cleaning is by far the best method of cleaning your carpets. You will find that nearly all carpet manufacturers will recommend steam cleaning. Dry cleaning only provides a surface clean and is designed as a maintenance for lightly soiled carpet.


Does cleaning shrink or damage carpet?


No, steam cleaning does not damage carpets if cleaned by a professional correctly. This is why you should make sure the carpet cleaner you choose has been properly trained and accredited.


Do you use chemicals that are safe, and will not harm my family or pets?


Our cleaning agents are quite safe and environmentally friendly. Some of our spotting agents need careful handling, but they are always neutralised and thoroughly rinsed out to ensure there will be no harm to your family or pets. 

All of the cleaning agents we use are professionally made and tested, we have the MSDS [Material Safety Data Sheets] for all of them. We do not make or ‘create’ our own cleaning agents. We take great care to make sure you have the cleanest, healthiest carpets.


Will cleaning remove the natural lanolin from my wool carpet?


No, there are little or no natural oils left in the wool fibre when it is made into carpet (generally less than 5 percent). The fibre goes through a process known as scouring where all the natural oil (lanolin) is removed by strong chemicals. This is so the carpet can be dyed.
The carpet would also soil much more quickly if the oil was in the fibre as it would attract the dirt particles.


Do I have to move my furniture?


For the best results, you should move as much furniture as possible, this allows us to clean from wall to wall. If you are not vacating the property we understand that it is not always practical or possible to remove all of the furniture, but we recommend the following:
  • All small items are picked up and removed e.g., toys, shoes etc.
  • All curtains are tucked away from the carpet
  • All bedding is tucked away from the carpet
  • If beds are on rollers we will push them back and forward, if not we will go as far underneath them as possible
  • We will clean around large items such as TV cabinets


How do I remove indentations from furniture in my carpet?


Sometimes these are self-correcting or can be assisted with vacuuming and a light brushing. In extreme cases the indentation can be covered with a damp towel and carefully steamed with an iron for a few seconds followed by brushing while warm to bring up the pile, there are however limitations and in some cases the indentation is permanent. 

The weight of the items that have left the indentations will have a large bearing on the results will achieve e.g., heavy wardrobes, water beds and such items will generally leave permanent indentations.
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